Dan Mace is an award winning artist and director, specialising in motion design and time based art.

Usually working under his moniker r e m o t e , Dan produces and directs live action and animated content across a range of contemporary mediums including short films, music videos, television, public exhibitions, live performance, and experiential video installations.

Recent projects include creating a series of large format digital works for permanent display at the Waitangi National Trust Museum; an immersive video installation for the 2017 ImagineNative arts festival in Toronto; and collaborating on a 1km long LED light display spanning the Auckland Harbour bridge.

Dan acknowledges his mixed Māori and Irish heritage when discussing his practice. Both cultures have rich histories of visual communication through traditional artforms such as carving, weaving, performance, and jewellery. Dan’s use of digital media to convey narrative and emotional experience could be described as a contemporary manifestation of indigenous storytelling. He is a descendant of Ngaiterangi and Ngati Maru ki Hauraki, and of the Clan O'Boyle.

True to his moniker, Dan works with his partner Rona Ngahuia Osborne from a remote mountainous location in the distant far north of Aotearoa New Zealand.